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Santorini Flying Dress: Advises For Every Body Type

In the enchanting landscape of Santorini, where every corner is a picturesque backdrop, choosing the right flying dress to flatter your body type can enhance your photoshoot experience. Whether you're curvy, petite, athletic, or have any other body type, there's a perfect dress style waiting for you. Let's dive into some recommendations tailored to different body types:

- Hourglass Body Type (Curvy):

• Opt for dresses that cinch at the waist to highlight your curves.

• A-line or fit-and-flare dresses work beautifully to accentuate your waist while providing a flowing silhouette.

• V-neck or sweetheart necklines can complement your curves and draw attention to your décolletage.

- Apple Body Type (Rounder Midsection):

• Look for empire waist dresses that emphasize the narrowest part of your torso and flow away from the midsection.

• Choose dresses with draped or gathered fabric around the waist to create a slimming effect.

• Avoid clingy fabrics and instead opt for lightweight materials that drape gracefully over your body.

- Pear Body Type (Wider Hips and Thighs):

• Consider dresses with A-line or empire waist silhouettes to balance out your proportions.

• Look for dresses with embellishments or details around the neckline or bodice to draw attention upwards.

• Darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top can help create a more balanced look.

- Rectangle Body Type (Straight Hips and Shoulders):

• Choose dresses with ruffles, layers, or embellishments to add volume and create the illusion of curves.

• Belted or wrap-style dresses can help define your waist and add feminine shape.

• Opt for dresses with asymmetrical hemlines or details to add visual interest and break up straight lines.

- Athletic Body Type (Toned and Muscular):

• Consider dresses with halter necklines or open backs to showcase your toned arms and shoulders.

• Flowy maxi dresses with high slits can highlight your long, lean legs.

• Experiment with dresses that have cutouts or strategic draping to add softness and femininity to your silhouette.

- Petite Body Type (Shorter Stature):

• Choose dresses with vertical details such as vertical stripes or seam lines to elongate your frame.

• Opt for shorter hemlines to avoid overwhelming your petite frame. Midi-length dresses can be particularly flattering.

• Stick to simpler designs and avoid overly bulky or voluminous styles that can overpower your smaller frame.

- Tall Figure:

For those with a tall figure, embrace your height and focus on poses that showcase your long limbs and graceful stature. Experiment with poses that involve stretching your body upwards, such as reaching towards the sky or standing with your legs crossed to create interesting lines. Additionally, try posing in a way that emphasizes your height, such as standing upright with your shoulders back and chin lifted.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Embrace your unique body type, and let your inner beauty shine through as you twirl and pose against the breathtaking backdrop of Santorini.


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